Thank you for your interest in connecting with me 

My goal is to help Leaders in all places and spaces reorient their perspective on themselves, their customers and their capacity for Impact, in a way that drives mutually beneficial outcomes to their organization, the individuals they serve, and society at large.


 Better Returns. Greater Impact.

I work with leaders who want to amplify their organization’s positive Impact on People and Profitability. Yes both – at the same time. 

Let’s ‘De-Buzzword’ things for a bit. By Impact, we literally mean:

+ People: Customers and employees are measurably better off as a direct result of their interaction with your business

+ Business Value: Measurable improvement in key metrics that matter to you e.g. Growth, Profit, Cost Reduction, Retention, Referrals etc. 

Regardless of your starting point, we will work together on:

Vision (Who you want to be to customers and employees and Why)

Strategy (How you will you propel People and Profit aligned with this Vision)

Execution (What exactly to do to capture value) 


Activate a Purpose-Led, Outcome-Driven, Future-Forward Leadership team.

Together with your team, we will establish your own foundation for an Organization of Impact

  • A vision for the way your organization will IMPACT (both people and profit)
  • How the Experience you deliver to customers shapes your intended Impact
  • Unique challenges and opportunities and how to mitigate/ capitalize on them
  • How to build an organization that supports this vision

This interactive workshop we are aimed at one thing – enabling participants to build future-ready businesses, organizations and institutions that deeply resonate with the people they are targeting, attracting and serving.


Impactful. Inspiring. Pragmatic. Hilarious.

My message firmly sits at the intersection of commercial outcomes and humanity.

I speak on a range of topics including Business Design, Customer Experience, Customer Advocacy, Economic Empowerment, and Transformational Leadership – which is especially important because it is absolutely critical to build a future-forward organization of ‘Multi-Pronged’ Impact.

I speak at an array of places including Industry Conferences, Non-Profits, Government Agencies, Foundations, Schools, and within Organizations of all sizes.

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