The ‘Why’

I Care About

… how people see and treat themselves, and how people see and treat others

… people and their inherent potential.

… entrepreneurship – particularly in underdeveloped economies and how it enables change in people’s lives as well as transformation in their communities.

I Believe

… effective leadership is the greatest need of our time

… everyone has a superpower and so many of us live unaware of who we really are and all we are capable of

… the experiences you have as a customer are often a reflection of an organization’s values – and the extent to which it sees and values people

“The ‘New Bottom Line’ isn’t just about Dollars; its also about how  Organizations Measurably and Tangibly Impact People”

The Work

Where Vision meets Pragmatism.

Strategist + Operator.

Life-long learner on the topic of Customers (in all contexts) and what makes them buy more, stay longer,  tell others and be actively invested in an organization’s success

My Career has spanned a range of functions including Operations, Customer Service, Technology, Marketing, Strategy and Human Centered Design; I have been part of two-person organizations and 50,000 person organizations –  in every context, my goal has been in elevating the Customer and Employee Experience

The role Experience will play in all segments of our economy can not be understated. Customers’ expectation even around basic services will rise – and organizations who are able to understand what customers need and to ahead to meet and even exceed those needs will capture the most value. Customer and Employee Experience will be the difference maker

How Can We Work Together?

I want the next level of Business Growth and Impact 



Redefine how you deliver value and uncover new ways to achieve greater impact through your business and drive growth, differentiation and customer loyalty.

I Want to Shift and Align my Leadership Team on how we deepen our Impact



Co-create a unified, future-forward vision and strategy on the role your business will play in your Customers’ lives and lay out how your team will make it a reality

I want To Inspire and Activate An    Audience



Broaden perspectives and ignite action –  I speak on a range of topics centered on improving the impact businesses make on their  customers and communities